Volatile organic compounds catalyst
  • Product Name :Volatile organic compounds catalyst
  • Material : Cordierite
  • Cells Density : 7~400 CPSI
  • Size : Customize
  • Usage : Volatile Organic Compounds Catalyst
  • Color : white
  • Shape : Squareness
  • Packing : in Cartons and wooden pallet
  • Payment Term : T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time : within 10 days after receipt payment
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More Product Information

1. Product use

Volatile Organic Compounds Catalyst is formed by the first carrier cordierite honeycomb ceramic, second carrier Y-Al2O3 and the active components noble metal Pd and Pt. It is the new high efficient catalyst for VOC waste gas.
CO and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are the by-products of many industrial production processes. CO is a colorless toxic gas and VOC involves in photochemical reaction which leads to ozone and organic fumes.
If VOC catalyst is coated noble metal (such as Pt, Pd and Rh), the noble metals have high activity at relatively low temperature can react with industrial flue gases meanwhile the particulate flue gases of emission is captured inside thin gas hole by honeycomb ceramic , As it lasts, the cumulated layer become thick, and pressure loss increase. To ensure the performance of machinery, when pressure loss reaches some value, it is a must to recycle the filter. The recycle is making the particulate burning, by raising the gas temperature of filter. Then the whole processing is being recycled. Finally VOC Catalyst can be greatly improving the industrial flue gases of emission.


The typical applications are chemical, food, mechanical, instrument and meters, Household Appliances, painting, insulating material and colorful steel.

3.Specification of mainly Dimension:
● Shape:Squareness Honeycomb Ceramic
● porosity type:round and Squareness

Dimension:150x150x50,100x100x50, 50x50x50,49x49x49 (mm x mm x mm)
we can provide the products either coated with noble metal or not, according to customers requires.

Item  Standard value Tolerance standard value Inspection method
Outside dimension wall thickness Length 150mm ±1.5mm Vernier caliper
Width 150mm ±1.5mm
Height 50-100mm ±1.0mm
101-300mm ±1.0mm
Perpendicular Height 50-100mm ≤1mm L-square
101-300mm ≤1%height
Parallelism Height 50-100mm ≤1mm Vernier Caliper
101-300mm ≤1%height


Item Standard value Inspection Method
Chemical components Al2O3 35.2±1% Chemical analysis
SiO2 50.9±1%
MgO 13.9±1%
Cordierite Crystal phase ≥90% X-ray diffraction techniques
Compressive strength AA xis ≥15 Mpa Compressive strength tester
BA xis ≥2 Mpa
Water absorption 20-27% Weighting methord
Softening temperature ≥1380℃ High temperature oven
CTE(800℃) ≤1.6/℃ Netzsch dil 402  PC

All the data is only for reference, specific sizes and hole shapes are according to customers' requirements.

4. Product Benifit:

The advantages of our VOC catalysts are lower light off temperature and high durability. This leads to increased energy efficiency and very low emissions.

● High surface area
● High porosity ratio
● Small airway resistance
● Low thermal expansion coefficient
● Good resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal stability.high working temperature

Remark: The size can be Customized