DPF diesel particulate filter for diesel engine
  • Product Name :DPF diesel particulate filter for diesel engine
  • Material : Silicon Carbide, Cordierite
  • Cells Density : 100~200 CPSI
  • Size : Customize
  • Usage : Diesel engine system part
  • Color : white
  • Shape : Column
  • Packing : in Cartons and wooden pallet
  • Payment Term : T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time : within 10 days after receipt payment
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More Product Information

DPF Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine

1.Product use

Diesel particulate filter cleaner is on the carrier (the carrier using DPF streaming of ceramic honeycomb carrier closed, it is the unit of the honeycomb ceramic Kong Yan on both ends of the export and entry overlap block, using porous thin wall structure of filter) coating the encapsulation of rare earth and the noble metal catalyst and verify, and catalysts for oxidation, purification and efficiency of the diesel emission of CO and HC, and for diesel particulate emissions (smoke) in the soluble organic matter (SOF) for effective oxidation reaction.Purification rate of particles can be up to 50% 90%, widely used in buses, trucks, engineering machinery, such as diesel exhaust emission control

2.Physical Properties:
Property (uncatalyzed) 100/17 200/12
Cell density cpsi 100 200
cpscm 15.5 31
Wall thickness inch 0.017 0.012
mm 0.432 0.305
Open frontal area (OFA), % 34.5 34.5
Geometric surface area (GSA) Inch2 33.3 47
m2/l 1.31 1.85
Hydraulic diameter Inch 0.083 0.059
mm 2.11 1.49
Modulus of rupture (psi/cpscm) 350 300
Porosity (%) 48 48
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5 5
102 cm/cm/ (20-800) --maximum average
Mean pore size (micron) 13 13
Melting temperature () 1460 1460
All the data is only for reference, specific sizes and hole shapes are according to customers' requirements.

 3.Product Benifit:
●High temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and thermal shock resistance is strong
●The pressure drop is small
●High filtration efficiency, able to adapt to all kinds of regeneration
● Low thermal expansion coefficient

Remark: The size can be Customized