Honeycomb ceramic for gasoline engine exhaust
  • Product Name :Honeycomb ceramic for gasoline engine exhaust
  • Material : Cordierite
  • Cells Density : 100-400 CPSI
  • Size : Customize
  • Usage : Honeycomb Ceramic for Petrol vehicle
  • Color : ivory
  • Shape : Oval
  • Packing : in Cartons and wooden pallet
  • Payment Term : by T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time : within 10 days after receipt payment
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More Product Information

Honeycomb Ceramic for gasoline engine exhaust

The main harmful gases from the vehicle are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO), hydrocarbons (HC).When coated with catalysts, honeycomb ceramic is applied in catalytic converter of gasoline vehicle to catalyze, convert and purify the exhaust to CO2,water,nitrogen to making vehicle exhaust reaching standards of Euro IV and Euro V.

2.Dimensions standards
Item Standard value Tolerance range Remark
wall thickness 0.17MM +0.03MM  
density scope 440g/L ±60g/L  
Outside dimension ≤100MM ±1MM  
>100MM ±1%  
Perpendicularity  ≤100MM ≤1%height  
Parallelism  >100MM ≤1%height

3. Physical and chemical properties
Item Standard value Inspection Method
chemical components Al2O3 35.2±1% Chemical analysis
SiO2 50.9±1%
MgO 13.9±1%
Cordierite Crystal phase ≥90% X-ray diffraction techniques
Compressive AA xis ≥15 Mpa Compressive strength technique
strength BA xis ≥2 Mpa
  CA xis ≥0.15 Mpa
Water absorption 20-26% Weighting methord
Softening point ≥1400 High temperature oven
Refractory ≥1600 Cryptol furnace
CTE(800℃) ≤1.2*10-6/℃ Netzsch dil 402  PC
Thermal shock resistance 550℃three times(air cool) Muffle furnace

100 holes / inch 2 ~ 600 holes / inch 2 runway round and oval typical product specifications 

NO. Section size (mm) Cross-sectional area (mm2) Dimensions Height (mm)
1 80x57(R21.5) 3546   ≤200(Production of various high degree of product according to customer requirements)
2 99.5x68.1(R33.6) 5758  
3 120.6x80(R39.6) 8227
4 144x68(R28.4) 8194  
5 144.3x68.1(R28.4) 8606
6 144.8x81.3(R37) 9922
7 147x95(R36.6) 11010
8 148x84(R38) 10438
9 169.7x80.8(R37.2) 11865
All the data is only for reference, specific sizes and hole shapes are according to customers' requirements.

5. Product Benifit:
High surface area
● High porosity ratio
● Small airway resistance
● Low thermal expansion coefficient
● Good resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal stability.high working temperature

REMARK: The SIZE can be Customized