Honeycomb cramic substrate for DPF catalytic converter
  • Product Name :Honeycomb cramic substrate for DPF catalytic converter
  • Material : Cordierite
  • Cells Density : 100~200 CPSI
  • Size : Customize
  • Usage : Car Catalytic Converter
  • Color : white
  • Shape : Round
  • Packing : in Cartons and wooden pallet
  • Payment Term : T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time : within 10 days after receipt payment
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More Product Information

Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for DPF Catalytic Converter

Diesel Particulate Filter, which consists of parallel channels, separated by thin walls made of porous cordierite. The channels are open at one end, but plugged at the other. During operation, the exhaust gases are forced to flow through the thin walls and leave particulates trapped in the filter walls.DPF Substrate is mailnly used in the diesel engine automobile to solve the air pollution problem. The effect is better than the ceramic substrate.

Cell density(CPSI):100-600
item (mm)sectional dimension (mm2) area of section shape of section item (mm)sectional dimension (mm2) area of section shape of section
1 Φ76.2 4560 12 120x80(R39.6) 8227
2 Φ83 5410 13 144X68(R28.4) 8194
3 Φ93 6793 14 144.3X68.1(R28.4) 8606
4 Φ97 7390 15 144.8X81.3(R37) 9922
5 Φ101.6 8107 16 147X95(R36.6) 11010
6 Φ103 8332 17 148X84(R38) 10438
7 Φ105.7 8775 18 169.7X80.8(R37.2) 11865
8 Φ118.4 11010 19 Triangle 143.5x84 9108
9 Φ144 16286 20 Trapezium 112.2X92X152.4 8788
10 80x57(R21.5) 3546 21 Trapezium  122.3X104.4 10336
11 99.5x68.1(R33.6) 5758 22 Rectangle 119.5x99.5 10529  
All the data is only for reference, specific sizes and hole shapes are according to customers' requirements.

Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for DPF Catalytic Converter
Our company has successfully developed many types of auto Catalytic Converter, which are suitable for cars in all types and meet the strict emission standard. As customers' requests, all kinds of  Catalytic Converter can be explored and produced.The Catalytic Converter can eliminate 90% amount of the three main pollutants (hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide).

3.Benefits of Products:

• Low thermal expansion
• High filter specific surface area
• Low pressure drop
• Long-term durability performance
• High soot removal: >95%

Remark: The size can be Customized